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How Esports is changing India

I am not going to talk technical, I am just going to talk about what I observed in the last three years. Around three years before we were new to the high-speed 4G network. Various companies including YouTube realized a huge business potential inside India and the race begins.

PUBG was the first game who captured the youth in such a way that several times we heard the appeals to ban it. But the question is what actually PUBG or you can say Esports changed?

Esports made an average Indian more technical. Esports is providing earning opportunities to the youth. And Esports is making youth independent. But how?

Think about how many people used to know about the different versions of Operating systems six years ago. Now everybody do. Everybody thinks about a lot before buying a new phone because they don’t want their phone to lag while they are playing any good F2P game. Esports indirectly also evolving the mobile industry by providing motivation to enhance the gaming experience.

Many people across the country took active participation in these Esports games. Which resulted in the development of skills into individuals and love into the crowd. Many gamers started their online streaming channels and many started to participate in various online leagues, both the ways gamers made employment for themselves. The success of PUBG inspired many young minds to see their future as game developers.

I can give you examples of many individuals who have a significant amount of fan following and earning just because of their gaming skills. Everybody knows what Carry do, everybody knows how good Mortal is.

You can say Esports (if handled well) is now becoming a potential sector which can help India in its economic growth. It is widely believed that the gaming industry or Esports is now going to become the largest industry in the world in terms of monetary value. And India will surely don’t want to lose this opportunity to make its significant role in the process.

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