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Call of Duty Mobile upcoming Battlepass and Season 6 update

Today we are going to talk about the next upcoming season of Call of Duty Mobile, Yes season 6. We heard some awesome leaks and we are dying to share them with you.


What we are going to get in upcoming battlepass? To know read further

Battlepass Character Skins

We will get two new character skins. The first one is Ghost Cowboy skin and the other one is a new cowboy addition female character skin. Both are really awesome and I am really excited about them.

Battlepass Weapons

We will get 5 new and really cool weapon skins. They are

  • BK57 epic skin reward
  • MSMC epic skin on 50th tier reward
  • Outlaw sniper in premium battle pass.
  • M4LGM animated skin in premium battle pass.
  • LK24 animated skin in premium battle pass.

Season 6 Updates

Upcoming season 6 update is going to consist a lot of new and amazing features

New Maps – Multiplayer

  • Rust – It is a familiar map for those who have played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game.
  • Salon – This map gives you the Old West kind of vibes. Another feature unique of the map is its sounds. You can hear birds chirping and the sound of a train arriving which are really cool.

New Upcoming Modes – Multiplayer

  • Kill Confirmed Mode – This brand-new game mode is similar to Team Death Match but you have to collect the dog tag of the killed enemy to score points for your team. And when your teammate dies, you can collect his dog tag to deny points for the enemy team.
  • 1 Vs 1 Mode – You will be able to select the weapon you prefer and you can switch and select between your loadout. There are 2 five minutes rounds and the player who gets 7 kills first, wins around.
  • Capture the Flag Mode – There is one gold depositor for each team and a team has to capture gold from the enemy team and return them to the home base to score a point. The first team to capture and return gold 3 times successfully will win the round.

New OPERATOR SKILL – Multiplayer

  • Annihilator – It is coming to Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer game mode as an operator skill. In Battle Royale mode you can get it from airdrops and equip as your secondary weapon.

New Battle Royal Upcoming Modes

  • All In #1 (Hardcore Mode)
  • Gold Rush Mode (Treasure Hunt) – The gold rush event will be much like the daily coin collecting event currently live on Steal Legion season. You have to collect gold bars and exchange them for rewards.

New Battle Royal Class

  • Poltergeist Class – It will be the new battle royale class for Call of Duty Mobile Season 6. It will allow a player to be invisible for a limited time. The player will see their own character as a white transparent shadow.

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